Perspective Coaching

Perspective Coaching is designed to awaken your strengths and empower you to
Be Your True You!

Perspective Coaching helps you discover your unique purpose in life, which often lies where your highest self-interest meets the greater-good, and supports you in your quest to learn to live your life accordingly. 



Discover the capabilities of your
body - mind - heart.


Turn your strengths into
authentic power and purpose. 


Let your true
nature shine. Express yourself fully.


“As a Paralympic skier, my performance is directly affected by my mental state and physical conditioning. Bob showed me that it’s just as important to focus on my personal state of mind as well as strengthening my body. Focusing on being the best version of myself was one of the biggest things he stressed. Not comparing myself to others… but focusing on my own personal growth was a huge takeaway for me. He incorporated yoga and meditation into our workouts, which I learned to respect and enjoy. Every movement or action was done with a purpose. He is also great at tailoring workouts for the individual. Being an amputee makes it challenging to do certain exercises. Bob worked hard to adapt exercises when needed. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Bob has been an incredible role model and mentor to me. He has helped me discover my true self. Through his coaching I am more confident in myself and I know I am on the right path.” – Tyler Carter.


"After several year of slacking, I felt compelled to start back in a yoga practice. With so many choices in the region and now being in my 50’s, I felt like I should take the time and do things slowly and thoroughly. After being on several websites and walking into a few places, I signed up for private training with Bob Speck at Heart of the Village Yoga.

Upon the first meeting I knew that I made the right choice. Bob took the time to talk with me understanding my current situation and where I wanted to go personally in my fitness and my yoga practice. With intense mindfulness and patience, Bob guided me into a workout, yoga, and strengthening routine that I could handle, however still challenging me enough to progress toward my intended goals. With his focus on correct form and alignment I’ve avoided any sort of injury or set-back during my time with Bob. Being an active middle-aged guy, injury is a huge concern. I feel that the guidance and technique I’ve received from Bob has been paramount to avoiding injury. 

With increasing my level of strength and flexibility, Bob has continued to find new ways to challenge me, helping me to find my inner Yogi with breath coordination and finding ease in the most difficult poses. It’s been about a year that I’ve been working with Bob. Currently I can now handle the most strenuous classes at the studio. And I’ve lost about 20lbs! I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time.  Without the guidance and mindfulness from Bob, I doubt I could have achieved this type of success. 

I’m most grateful for the guidance and training I’ve received from Bob. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone wanting to achieve their own fitness, or yoga goals." – Mike M.


"I began training with Bob — one-on-one — last July, and the transformation was immediate and has been enduring. By December, I'd not only burned almost 20 lbs of fat and added muscle too, but I'd also succeeded in taking control of my life in other ways beyond the mere physical. 

Meeting with Bob week in and week out, I'm often impressed by his gentle & inspired instruction in the yoga studio, by his strength-training expertise, and by his sound tips regarding diet & healthy living. But his coaching is also integrative & holistic — it's not just about training the body — it's about training the mind as well. Bob is always gently reminding me that to have personal goals is good, but it's important, too, to bring consciousness & awareness to all of my actions — including my workouts! — and that this mindfulness is every bit as important in creating overall true health. 

Bob has also helped me to practice — and to live —with intent. And I try now to bring this present & mindful intent to all my workouts (whether to my aerial yoga classes or the combined aerial yoga/strength training sessions with Bob, or to workouts in my own little home gym, or even to a quick run down my road). To be mindful and present in those actions — to focus on the here & now — has helped me, in turn, to bring this same focus to the rest of my day, to my work, to my relationships. This has been Bob's greatest gift to me." – Marc H.


"As a college student with a busy schedule, I don't know where I'd be without Bob's guidance.I use the techniques he's taught me to find peace among the chaos. I find myself more centered, focused, and thriving than ever before. Bob is not only a great coach and mentor, he's an inspiration as well. I am grateful for the overwhelmingly positive impact his lessons and the example he sets have had on my overall well-being." – Lilly R.