Beginning on a journey of self-realization, personal growth, or enhanced performance, begins with self-study and personal practice, letting go of attachment to expected outcome, and learning to live and practice one step at a time. Sometimes, it begins with awareness of a new perspective. 

Perspective Coaching can help you with the following client-centered coaching services and educational programs:

“Bringing Yoga to Life” coaching

Explore your personal strengths
and interests, achieve clarity of vision,
feel enhanced power, and learn
intentional healthy-living practices
to help you thrive!

“HEART OF THE VILLAGE” yoga instruction

Physical asana practice, breath work
(pranayama), meditation, and philosophy
to help you reduce stress, enhance presence, increase focus, open your heart, and find balance in your body (and in your life)!

“Functional Strength” personal TRAINING

Personal functional strength
training programs and wellness
education to increase strength, improve physique, optimize performance, lose weight, or to just help you move better!