Walking a path of self-study, personal discovery and empowerment is often inspired by feelings of connection to others, to nature, and to one’s own authentic mind-body-spirit nature.

Like Milo of Croton, an Ancient Olympic Games champion, who carried a calf on his shoulders everyday until the calf became a bull, developing a powerful mind-body-spirit presence happens through dedicated effort practiced over long periods of time. You become what you practice, mind, body, and heart. And you are not meant to do it alone!

Perspective Coaching will motivate and inspire you, and walk side-by-side with you:

Building relationships and supportive community through facilitation of inspirational yoga classes and workshops, online discussion, and face-to-face mentoring.

Leading experiential team-building, therapeutic and empowerment programs for groups; including groups of people with special challenges, such as those with disabilities (visible and invisible), veterans, aging and young adults.

Providing on-going, client-centered,
one-on-one coaching and personal training services.