Ultimately, we find happiness and joy living as our true, authentic selves; when we feel connected and a sense of belonging with a supportive community; and when we find presence in the integration of these aspects into our lives:



express truth

Clear Vision and
Life Purpose
(East – Fire Element)



express acceptance

Open Learning and
(West – Water Element)


be strong:

express power

Responsibility, Discipline
and Integrity
(North – Air Element)


Be Kind-hearted

express love

Full-hearted Awareness
and Compassion
(South – Earth Element)

These four aspects of living – these Four Perspectives - form the basis of Perspective Coaching’s work to help you find presence, to feel empowered, and to joyfully thrive as your authentic Self… and Be Your True You!

VISION: Who are you, what are your intentions, and what is your life purpose?

LEARNING: Accepting what is, what can you teach yourself, and how can you let go of attachment to expected outcome?

INTEGRITY: How do you express your personal power each day with integrity, discipline and responsibility?

KINDNESS: In what ways do you serve others (and yourself) with loving-kindness, compassion and understanding?

PRESENCE: Are you finding balance in your life - between vision and learning, integrity and kindness - at the center of these perspectives?

Ultimately, we realize the Integration of these aspects is possible when we find presence living in balance at the heart-center of these Four Perspectives! 

It takes Education. It takes Inspiration.

It starts with Practice. Let me help you find Your Practice. And let’s get to work!