September Fitness Goals

A few months ago I discussed having a strength and conditioning coach to help me achieve personal fitness goals. I am at the end of my summer outdoor season during which I work towards leanness. At the end of the month, I’ll switch it up and work on strength and mass gain leading into the winter sports season. In addition to previous friends and mentors, in both fitness and in yoga, I have recently been working with Dave Knight of Spectrum Fitness Consulting in Beverly, MA.

Yes, I’m trying to eat pretty clean (here in Vermont, we’re usually eating organic and local anyway) and cutting my calories down. I am also adding more HIIT cardio to the ends of my workouts… and actually trying to walk more daily. I’m 56; but I’m hoping to get down around 8% bodyfat by the end of the month (I’m currently at 10%) while maintaining strength and lean body mass.

Right now, I’m alternating full-body workouts for strength training, usually every other day. After warming up and rolling, mobilizing primarily my spine, shoulders and hips, my white-board work out is as follows:

I’ll start here, then adjust weights and reps to challenge myself each week. My end of workout cardio will be a series of mountain climbers, lunge leaps and burpees.

Starting in October, I’ll work more on muscle hypertrophy, which will involve working specific muscle groups on alternate days, more specific muscle-group loading, and more calories in my diet. Being outside for many days during the winter on skis or a snowboard, I usually want to be stronger and “thicker”!