Left Brain – Right Brain

Eoin Finn, founder and leader of Blissology yoga, shared the following graphic with our group last week as he prepared his teachings on the FLUID BODY:

Of course, as an artist and an engineer, a feeler and a thinker, an instructor and an outdoor adventurer, I often live in both brains.

I have found professional success living in both.

But, I have floated down powdered mountain slopes, ridden through powerful ocean surf, flown with wings above majestic peaks, pedaled through landscapes near and far, and today, taught my first yoga class.

I have tasted the hands of Divine experience through fluid movement, and feelings of wonder and Oneness…  a peaceful and dignified connection to everyone and everything around me.

I can live in my left brain.

I thrive in my right brain. It’s hard to switch. With my right brain experiences, I feel a relentless and overwhelming pull towards feelings of freedom, happiness, bliss and enlightenment.

Right now, how do I move now from the joy and inspiration of teaching yoga an hour ago, to the required work of determining the structural feasibility of a complex of historic Vermont barns built a century ago?

By taking one joyful step at a time.

Live, learn, and live some more… in both brains!

My next yoga class tomorrow morning is going to be awesome!