A Beginning Sequence to Develop Core Awareness

As a yoga teacher, I’m often using postures at the beginning of class to assess each student’s body-awareness and to determine appropriate postures for the rest of class and appropriate modifications. Many of my classes are focused on activating the body’s core so that postures can be performed more effectively to promote spine health and reduce back pain. I like to think of the core area as our power center, our center of balance, our energy center from which we have the courage to express our true nature. An unstable power center manifests itself at all aspects of one’s being.

This 20-minute video explains some of the preliminary movements that I usually include in classes as a means to assess physical bodies from a strength / flexibility perspective as well as from a pure awareness perspective. I usually include these postures (or movements) into a class before performing Sun Salutations, certainly before performing low planks, upward-facing dog, downward-facing dog or even forward bends.

I made this video for the benefit of some of my clients (and I narrated it as I did it, so it is somewhat rough around the edges), but others of you might find it beneficial as you work towards understanding your own movements (and areas of body physical strength or weakness).

Remember to utilize your breath as a tool to enhance your physical awareness, your focus, and your present power!