65 Years Ago

65 years ago today my parents were married in Rockport, Massachusetts.

51 weeks ago today my father passed away near is home in Burnt Hills, NY.

They had beautiful times together. I am blessed to be their child.

Memories help form the foundation of my identity and remind me who I am. Who I am is what I do for others today. They both taught me that this is my way… not by their words… but by the example of their way.

A community member wrote this about my dad after his passing:

“History is the story of ordinary people who did extraordinary things.” My dad was “the best extraordinary example” he knew. “His passion, energy, and willingness to do what was good for children created a leadership style that was positive and infectious, causing people to be willing to follow his lead.”

As my father’s son, I am reminded of what I said at his service:

“I am Bob Speck Jr, son of Bob Speck Sr. I come from the green hills of New England, the blue shores of the Atlantic, the golden fields of New York, and have found my spirit in the white peaks of the Wasatch. I serve my villages, and plant seeds of learning and joy, with wisdom and integrity, with humility and humor. I spend my days in this world of dreams; my father walks in the land of strawberries. And it is all SO BEAUTIFUL.”

I spent the day yesterday with my mom. It was beautiful. We had strawberries for lunch.

Today, I spend my day with both of my parents. And it is beautiful.